Koh Maphrao – The Coconut Island

Koh Marpho is amongst the beautiful small islands around Phuket. It is on the East coast of Phuket, located at some 500 miles. The island is popular as the Coconut Island because of the heavy plantation of palm trees and the shape of the island.

Koh Maphrao Island
Source: thailand-tours.net

The mangrove plantations on the island can be explored on your way to the island by a long tail boat. While traveling from Phuket to the Koh Maphrao Island you will come across the floating restaurants which are very famous for their amazing seafood variety amongst the tourists and the locals too.

The shape of the island is a rough rectangle with three easily accessible beaches. Out of these two beaches the ones on the southern and northern coast have mangrove plantations and the eastern coast is the third beach of Koh Maphrao. The coast on the north is the largest and the other two are rather small. On the southern coast a new resort has been inaugurated this year which has shifted the tourist traffic to this part of the Island.

The central island is where the local grow fruits and vegetables. The basic livelihood of the people on the island is fishing and farming. If you wish to see some lavish green tracks, than move towards the north-east of the Island and explore the refreshing mountainous rainforest.

The life on the island is simple but you can find some hotels and resorts on the Island. I recommend a few hours stay at the Island instead of staying for a night as there is only privately generated electricity available and there is no much development on the local side which means an expensive stay at the 5 star resort and private resorts. “The Village at Coconut Island” is a 5 star resort which is in its extension stage and offers a relaxing stay at the Island. If you travel a little across the 5 star Resort, you can also stay at the beach resort at Jindarin which offers own boat service to the guests and traveling is made easy.


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