Koh Lone Island – Tranquility at Its Best

Source: panoramio.com
Source: panoramio.com

I am a peace lover and my holiday means a relaxing escape from the fast life and daily routine. For this reason I included Koh Lone Island in my latest trip list of the Islands near Phuket. Although it is said to be the second largest island in the Phuket province but the lifestyle here is utterly unlike the one you will find in Phuket Island.

The Koh Lone or the Lon Island is densely populated with the Muslim communities. Fishing in clear waters, coconut plantations on the Island and rubber plantations are the simple ways of earning their bread and butter. This undemanding and composed way of living of the people on this Island is reflected in the lifestyle of Koh Lone too. You will not find the busy commercial activities, flamboyant night life and flashy shopping areas on this Island. This place enjoys its low tourist traffic and peaceful cum romantic environment. Sometimes you will feel as if the time has stopped and you are in a paradise with only tranquility around you. This is the best place to revive your inner peace.

My visit to The Koh Lone Island was a perfect get away from my tiring routine life. I stayed there for 2 days and had a chance to let go the tensions of my personal and professional life. My stay was at the beachfront cottages of the local resort. The view from my window was so mesmerizing that I spent hours sitting outside on a wooden bench under the coconut tree shade and breath the fresh air and coolness of sparkling water in front. If you wish a more luxurious and spoiled stay, you can go for the bungalows or Thai Villas available for rent with more amenities and conveniences available at your doorstep. The resort can arrange the activities like snorkeling, canoeing, special Thai massage, elephant trekking etc on request and you can enjoy a combination of lush green tropical surroundings, untouched natural beauty and luxurious accommodation at the Koh Lone Island


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