Koh Bon – Spectacular Marine Life Ecstasy

Koh Bon is about 145 km to the north of Phuket and is great spot for the professional divers and for the marine life lovers. The island has formed a horseshoe protective shape and there are no beaches to climb. For this reason the water us calm on the surface but the currents around the place can be strong at times and the surface conditions can be rough too. For this reason the beginner divers are not advised to enjoy the diving experience without a professional guidance around them.

Koh Bon

There are about 3 to 4 diving sites at the Island which are an attraction for the divers especially in the diving season which starts from November to April. You can visit the place at the day time or can stay for a day to enjoy the marine life and the early morning view of colorful ridges with soft coral loves visible in the cracks and little caves around.

If you wish to enjoy the colorful marine life, Koh Bon provides you with a great opportunity to see Manta rays, bat fish, leopard sharks, fire gobies, lion dish, schools of rainbow runners, snappers, pipe fish and colorful shoals of different fishes. You can also be lucky to see octopus, scorpion fish, eagle ray or a reef shark. There are several diver centers which offer professional services to the tourists. They will not just provide equipments and guidance but will also assure the secure diving experience.

The dive cruises of Thailand visit “Koh Bon” for the spectacular sight of Manta rays and the breathtaking colorful corals along with the titan trigger fish and other fishes that swim around the “Koh Bon” island. You can simply pay a visit in these dive cruises and click your life time memories or you can stay for a night dive too.

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