The Coral Island – Koh Hae

Last year my friend visited Koh Hae and the random clicks of the Island in her collection made me curious and excited about the place. For this reason I planned a family trip to this fascinating Island this summers. It is very close to Phuket so reaching the Island is not a big issue. There is so much here to be explored and the magical aura around you is surely to take you to another world.


The Island is well known as the Coral Island and the inspiring coral reef justifies the name. Koh Hae has two beaches, Banana beach which is famous for snorkeling and the long beach with amazing coral collection waiting to be explored. The beaches are beautiful and calm at night and a rest by the water on the deck chairs can bestow a revitalizing outcome.


There is lot to do once you get to the Island, water sports and activities, snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat ride, canoeing, scuba diving, open air massage services and a lot more. The reef of Koh Hae is as good as of any other place in the world where I have visited. I was relieved when I saw the safe area for swimming as boats were not allowed near that and the children enjoyed their day out in clean and calm water. The traditional fish bought from a local restaurant near by was a treat to eat. It was a less spicy with amazing lemon flavor and made our lunch a special family time. On the Island you can also try power- snorkeling while taking some memorable pictures with coral formations underwater.

Our boat driver told us that on the southern side of the Koh Hae Coral Island there is another small beach which is less crowded and offers good food to the visitors. We had our lunch at the long beach so did not stop by to take a look at the small beach. Luxury and affordable accommodations are available at the Koh Hae Island. There are beach resorts, boutique resorts, houses on rent, guest houses, Villas, bungalows and even apartments available for comfortable stay.


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