10 Things to do in Phuket

The best thing about the island is that it offers you a wide choice of activities and adventures. The amazing beaches, wonderful forests, incredible parks, scrumptious dining experiences, colorful nightlife and a rich culture to explore are just the beginning of what you can actually discover while being in Phuket. If the sun is shining bright or the island is blessed with rain, you will always get to do something wonderful in Phuket despite of the age, time or budget factor.

Try to plan your trip and decide on what places you wish to visit. In this way you can stay organized and have an unforgettable holiday. Here are a few best destinations and adventures that you must include in your list of things to do in Phuket. Tracking, rafting, snorkeling, sunbath, scuba diving, fishing, visiting spiritual places and so much more, Phuket has it all!

  1.  Rafting and Trekking:

    The natural wonder is waiting to be explored at Khao Lak with so much to excite you all the way. Rafting and Trekking is a combination that will make your day memorable along with the amazing view of wildlife offered on the way.Our guide took us to the turtle farm and the natural breeding ground was very informative, we also had a chance to see giant crocodiles and different kinds of fishes. I was with my husband and there was another family with us, who became friends with us in no time. This made the trip more exciting.

    After spending some time with the animals, we moved on a short ride to the Ton Pling Waterfall. Clean river and silence all around us, it was so peaceful. When we reached the waterfall, the sound of water gushing down and splashing on the stones was magical. We just sat back on the hill side and enjoyed the view by having lunch by the waterfall. We clicked some stunning pictures at the sight and saved our memories in those clicks. The water was fresh and cold with soft breeze, taking you to a land of dreams.

    The guide with us was a professional; he arranged a bamboo raft for us to climb on. This was our mode of transport to get back to the trekking area. I was scared and requested for another way to get there but my husband insisted and I decided to try the bamboo rafting in Phuket. The large bamboo sticks, tied together in a simple way was our raft and it was an amazing experience for sure. I had so much fun that I wanted to spend some more time rafting and exploring the natural river life. On reaching the river bank, the guide helped us in getting off safely from the bamboo raft and we saw huge elephants waiting to welcome us. Now was the time to climb up the elephants, sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride back to the destination. Exploring the jungle on the back of a huge elephant is a thrilling trip.

    Try to be in comfortable clothes and shoes. High heels can make trekking and rafting a little difficult for you. If you have a plan of jumping in the waterfall, than take an extra pair of clothes and a small towel. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a waterproof bag for your expensive camera.

  2. Snorkeling:

    If this is your first time than let me tell you, this heavenly experience will bring some amazing and positive changes in your life. There is a whole new world under the water and the beauty is beyond explanation. You can hire a private boat, with all the safety requirements and professional snorkeling equipments. These boats can help you find a less crowdie and perfect place to snorkel. You have a choice to snorkel in the Phi Phi islands with a soothing experience of an ideal calm water dip or go for the coral island where the underwater coral world will leave you astonished. Shoal of fishes passing by and colorful seaweeds along with the calm feeling underwater is the best sensation I have ever felt.

  3. Jungle Safari:

    If you love adventure than this is a chance to spend a day on a Jungle safari in Khao Sok National Park, which is about a two hour drive from Phuket Island. It’s a great chance to get the real jungle feeling while you stay at the tree houses or spend a night in the canopy and the specially designed raft houses on the lake side. If you have arranged your trip from a tour company, they will provide you food and accommodation on their own. But in any case, the fun is guaranteed! Elephant ride, rafting, night spent on a tree house along with the Jungle safari is a glimpse of what you will get at the Jungle Safari adventure in National Park.

  4. Scuba Diving:

    If the love of marine life and the craze of underwater exploration still need another dose, than Scuba diving in Similan Island is surely your next destination. Counted in the world’s top 10 diving sites, Similan Island offers a lot more than just a dive underwater. You can get a chance to explore the coral gardens, drift diving and even snorkeling. Professional advice and guidance is important for the safety and security.

  5. Big Buddha:

    As the name suggests, the important landmark of Phuket is really big. Big Buddha is a huge structure with a base of about 25 meters and stands high on the top of Nakkerd hills. The whole image is covered with white marble which adds beauty and a feeling of tranquility to it. In the day time, the figure shines bright and is a breathtaking sight. Big Buddha provides a fabulous view of the island and you will definitely feel the peace around you once you get to the top. I recommend the inclusion of the visit to the Big Buddha landmark in the things to do in Phuket list.

  6. Phuket Rollerball:

    This is something for the people who dare to something different yet adventurous. Have you ever imagined yourself in a huge plastic ball, rolling down a hill? Rollerball or Zorb as it is known in some parts of the world is a safe and huge plastic structure, designed in the shape of a sphere. The Rollerball experience is fun filled and thrilling! You will be asked to get inside the huge ball which is filled with some water to accompany you on the trip with all the safety precautions taken. The ball is then descended down the track made on a hillside and you come down rolling, laughing, screaming and enjoying. I recommend you to go for the unlimited package, which will cost you less, as I am sure you would love to go again and again on the bumpy ride.

  7. Flying Hanuman:

    I always wanted to fly when I was 10 and the Flying Hanuman in Kathu made my wish come true. Safely zip yourself with the hanging belt and take an Ariel ride over the jungle. I imagined myself as a Tarzan while hanging, flying and exploring the jungle and it was so much fun. The best part is the friendly staff, which guides you all the way and makes you feel safe while you hang 40 meters above in a jungle.

  8. Phang Nga and Maya Bay:

    Amongst the beautiful side trips, Phang Nga on the north and eastern coast of Phuket and Maya Bay are the two famous and mesmerizing places to visit. The natural magnificence around the bay is simply beautiful and worth spending your memorable time. If you have seen the James Bond movie “The man with the golden gun” and remember the hideout of the villain of the movie, you can guess the beauty of the Phang Nga Island where the movie was shot.

    Ask your guide to show you the James Bond Island and also take some time for the limestone sea caves, where you can get through sea kayaking. This experience is wonderful!If you visit the Maya Bay in low season, you will get a chance of more adventure and fun. When we booked our tour, the guide told us that we will be reaching the Maya Bay from the back side entrance. At that time we had no idea of what was ahead! The boat took us to small water pond, where we were transferred to a canoe and had to paddle our way to a rope web nearby, which was attached to the rocks. By the help of the rope, we got off and proceeded in the jungle, finding our way to the beach. It felt as if we are lost characters of a movie and finding our way back to the island. No doubt the bay was magical and a visit here is surely an ideal thing to do in Phuket.

  9. Patong Beach:

    If you are visiting Phuket with a family to entertain, than Patong Beach is the place for you. It’s a complete package of entertainment with shopping malls and theaters along with the family activities and magical shows. The beach provides you with an easy access to most of the attractions and saves you from the common travelling hassles with family.

  10. Other things to do in Phuket:

    Don’t be afraid of trying the local food as it is not just delicious but will save your pocket from shocks that you may get in the stylish restaurants on the Island. In the list of other things to do in Phuket, you can enjoy perfect Phuket sunsets at the “Catch Beach Club” where you can sit back on comfortable sofa’s on the beach and enjoy your chilled cocktail with entertaining music.


This place has so much to do, that your things to do in Phuket list will surely make you extend your stay here. The incredible blend of Beaches, Jungles, Nightlife, Restaurants and Adventure spots make Phuket a popular tourist destination.

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